A Pre-Mature Direction

Writing that first post has got me thinking about my book.  It is, of course, going to be a difficult task in getting someone to look at it.  It would also be a difficult task to update it, as the taxes were for last year.  Still, the bit I went through was based more on example, and every one’s tax situation is different, and I only covered the basics.  Maybe I won’t have to update at all.  Even better still, maybe merely putting a warning that the information is no longer up to date and that every reader should do their own research (which, of course, they should be doing anyways) I could very well go ahead and publish that book.  It would be good for me, financially speaking…and a number of others as I have an affiliate commission system built right into the book.  I guess I’ll be looking more into this in the near future.


As far as this pre-mature direction is concerned…I have a few interesting ideas; in fact, I have the ultimate; the one true secret of internet marketing.  It’s funny how many people actually do know, and interesting how many people don’t.  Actually, what’s really interesting…is the number of people who do, in fact, know, ignore it entirely, and continue to allow themselves to be scammed one time after another; all the time knowing the absolute secret behind every single one of those “internet millionaires” and yet, still falling for all the old gimmicks.  I wonder if people feel that the must live a life that they punish themselves and feel that they are undeserving of a wealthy lifestyle?  Is that why they settle for scrounging for percentages of pennies on all of those Paid to Click Sites and Traffic Exchanges; trying so desperately to make a few cents, when they could be living so comfortably?

Well, I guess it’s time to write another book.  Just a question, though.  Maybe someone can answer it for me.  How much would you be willing to pay for the truth; the absolute truth.  It wouldn’t take to awfully long to explain it; no more than three paragraphs, at the most.  Do you think people would be willing to purchase it, and further, be willing to sell it to others on an affiliate basis?  I think they probably would.  As much crap as people are selling other people, it might be pretty refreshing to be buying and even selling the Absolute Truth.


The Beginning

I’ve never really seen myself creating a blog.  I do it now only because it was recommended to me and though I couldn’t originally think of anything to write about, I suddenly remembered a book that I wrote and semi-published online called, “Applying The Interest”.  The title of this book has a two-fold meaning.  The first, as many would undoubtfully take it as; you won’t achieve anything worthwhile if you don’t apply any interest to whatever it is that you have an interest in.

The second, which is more of the theme of the book, refers to the interest of your very own bank account, and the many things that can be accomplished if you simply applied the interest…..in your interest.

This “should-be commonly known” information is something that huge financiers have used for centuries; banks and roughly anyone with a specific interest in money use this system.  The idea that so many “not-so-wealthy” people don’t use this system as well, is beyond me, especially considering the fact that it makes money effortlessly.

Of course, that effortless income has a down side.  It’s called taxes…and my book is all about how to keep up with your effortless income and how to appropriately pay your taxes on that income…as income, it is.

Unfortunately, I could not get anyone in the financial setting to proof-read my book and make sure that the information that I had provided was thorough and correct (fear of potential lawsuits, apparently; though my argument is pretty solid; if the information is correct, then there’s nothing to worry about, is there?) Still, all I encountered was a bunch of cowards.  The incredibly fascinating and somewhat humorous side of this, however, is the fact that I got the same “We can’t help you” from the Internal Revenue Service, that yes, I did call to see if any of them could read through and make sure my information was correct.

Their response is that they could not guarantee that my information was correct, even though I had admitted to getting most of my tax information off of their very own IRS.Gov website.

Encouraging, isn’t it?  When the IRS can’t even support the information on their own website?!  Oh well.

Unfortunately, all of that effort went to waste, because now it’s been a year past and none of that tax information is up-to-date any longer.

Of course, it’s not like I couldn’t update it, but if I can’t get anyone to read it and make sure that it’s correct, is there really any specific reason that I should?